Sheldonian Theatre

Vibrant Sheldonian Theatre

Vibrant Sheldonian Theatre

An academic theatre located at Oxford, named after the University chancellor at the time, Archbishop of Canterbury Gilbert Sheldon was built in between 1664 and 1667. The architecture of the theatre was designed by Professor Christopher Wren.

Vibrant Sheldonian Theatre

At present theatre is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Oxford. Currently theatre is the main assembly room for Oxford University, used mainly for meetings, facilitates various public ceremonies of University.

Theatre is located near the Radcliffe Square. One can find the Bodleian Library next to theatre. Theatre has huge space for spectators, around 800 to 1000 people can fit in it.

Getting to  Theatre:::

One can Visit very famous Radcliffe Square and then through the Bodleian Library one can easily see the beautiful Theatre.

Visiting Theatre:

There is entry fee for Access to the Main Theatre, Attic and Cupola which costs £3.80 for an adult, where as If you need guided tours it will cost you £8


Broad Street


Parking Facility:

There is a pay and display car park on Broad Street near the Theatre.

Official Website:

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